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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seconds Away

There might have been a moment I could have saved it. A seconds long window where it could have been okay. But I didn't say a word. I let the hands of the clock slip on away around the dial, a whole minute. Still silent. She cried. And then she hung up. And I never made it better.
I saw her again, a few times, but it never was like it was before.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I wish I had heard him more clearly. Maybe I should have asked him to repeat it. It would have been nice to not think he was just going to the store. It would have made it easier to never see him again.

Though I'm not sure how many times you should ask someone to say "I'm leaving you for a stripper."


We tried to lay there in the grass with our bodies wrapped around each other until the world made a little more sense. It never did, but we felt better about it I guess.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It Worked Out Okay

She cried onto me for an hour. We were wrapped around each other and i held her as close ad I could as she sobbed. Her whole body shook, and mine shook with her. I never asked why but she said it helped a little.
I'm not so sure it did, but maybe.

What I Found In My Pocket

I reached into the pocket of a pair of pants I bought used, and found a not written on a small pink square of paper, folded and a little worse for wear from washing. I could read the words, but i could make out the shape of a heart at the bottom.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Am Totally In The Wrong Here. I Suck.

So I haven't posted in weeks. If you were with me at the beggining, my apologies for promising things I couldn't deliver.
BUT- I have a backlog of stories to post, so we'll be right on a new schedule that works better with my actual life (and not the life I imagine sometimes in my head, where time and motivation are infinite resources).
I'll be posting three days a week, Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday. The story project of the month will be on Tuesdays, a random short story on Thursdays, and more parts of  "Windows and Doors" on Sundays. Two super shorts will be posted with all of those. I promise. Hit me if I don't. Hard and often.

Which brings me to this weeks game of  super fun group story awesmoness:
A modified game of Exquisite Corpse. Basically, I'll write three lines, someone (the two people that will ever read this blog I assume) will post a continuation of three lines as a comment. I will choose one those three line continuations to be the beggining of a whole new story entirely, and post three more lines the next Tuesday.
Get it? Well it'll make sense as we go, we'll see where we are byy November. Have fun now!

The Story.
I wasn't really entirely sure what happened to the shoes. We looked everywhere for them. They were the only thing that never made it back to the house. The shirts did. Both pairs of paints. Even most of the stolen tire swing did. But we never saw the shoes again.


We didn't run that far away when we left. We didn't even stay gone that long.
But it was far enough and long enough that we felt freer than we ever had. I think that I slept the best I ever have in the back seat of that shitty four door sedan in the National Forest.